The Best Blinds for Bathrooms

What are the best blinds for bathrooms or kitchens? Imagine your dream kitchen or bathroom and right there, over the sink, or behind the tub, is a window. We often overlook window treatments until after a project is nearly complete, but they are very important to accomplish the look and “wow factor” we all want in our space. What are the best blinds for my bathroom? What type of blinds will function the best and last the longest? This guide will help you determine the best blinds for that beautiful kitchen or bathroom window!

Faux Wood Blinds for Bathroom

What Should I Consider When Choosing Blinds for Bathrooms?

Moisture Resistance

Bathrooms can vary drastically in humidity, and this is the first thing we need to consider. If you have a poorly ventilated space, or a smaller bathroom that includes a shower, humidity is likely a concern. For a very humid bathroom, we recommend either faux wood blinds (made of PVC, not real wood) or aluminum mini blinds.

Either of these products hold up very well to moisture and will not mold, mildew, or warp. This makes them the perfect choice for a space, such as a bathroom with a shower, that gets very humid.


After moisture, another concern, especially in a bathroom, has to be privacy. When choosing the best blinds for bathrooms, remember to consider the privacy they will provide. This is particularly important at night when your bathroom will be lit from the inside. The sheer fabric that is beautiful during the day, may not provide the privacy you need at night.

Generally any “hard” material, such as wood, faux wood, and aluminum, provides excellent privacy. In “soft” shades, anything that is opaque, or semi-opaque generally works. Just make sure to test it by holding it up to a light source and examining the view through the material.

Top Down Bottom Up Shade in Bathroom

Another great option, which is generally only available in honeycomb or cellular shades, is a top-down/bottom-up function. This allows you to pull the shade down from the top, allowing in natural light, but maintaining privacy below!

To Have Light or Not, That is the Question

Blinds for Bathrooms do more than just provide privacy, they can also be great at controlling light! Maybe your bathroom is a place you want a lot of natural light. In this case, you should definitely consider a product that is “light filtering.” This will allow you to have the blinds down for privacy, but still, have ambient light in your beautiful space!

Best Blinds for Bathrooms

If, however, your bathroom is adjacent to your bedroom, maybe you want the ability to completely control the light. If this is your situation, you should consider a room darkening material. This will not only provide privacy, but it can help control the bright sun when you want your bedroom to be dark!

What’s Your Style?

Gone are the days of drab blinds in bathrooms. Today, there are an array of color and fabric options to match your space and style. It is absolutely possible to have both form and function at the same time! We have many options to help you choose the best blinds for your bathrooms. Feel free to call us for some design help, or visit for more bathroom design ideas!

What Blinds Should Never Be Used In Bathrooms?

While there are lots of options to make sure you have the best blinds for bathrooms, there are also some choices that should never be used. This is a list of blinds that we feel should never be suggested for a bathroom space.