Cordless Window Blinds, Are They The Right Choice For You?

How Well Do Cordless Window Blinds Work? One of the first major decisions people have to make when it comes to buying window blinds is whether to choose cordless options. While blinds have typically had control cords, cordless blinds and shades are quickly overtaking the market due to their safety and clean design. We offer […]

Solar Shades, the Ultimate Guide

Solar Shades, what are they? Solar Shades are the perfect solution for controlling direct sunlight, especially in large windows. Solar Shades are built like a traditional roller shade, so they are well suited for wide windows, as they are available in widths up to 120″. They also roll up tightly, only using 4.5″ of the […]


Room Darkening Honeycomb Blinds

BLACKOUT BLINDS, ROOM DARKENING BLINDS, LIGHT FILTERING BLINDS, OH MY… There are many different choices when it comes to blinds and how much light they help control. With so many choices, the options can be confusing to say the least. I am going to break down the most commonly used terms, so you can confidently […]

5 Tips To Select Blinds Like a Pro

How to Select Blinds

So you just bought a new home, or you are redecorating and you need to select blinds. You look in store or on-line and realize there are hundreds of options and your head begins swimming… Have no fear, I am going to break down how to select blinds like a pro in 5 easy steps!

Cordless Blinds vs. Corded Blinds

Cordless Blinds

When it comes to choosing Cordless Blinds vs. Corded Blinds, the options can be confusing! There are Cordless, Corded, and Cord Loop, just to name a few! In this article, I am going to break down your choices and hopefully make it easier for you to choose the right one for you and your family.

Window Treatment Opacity

Blinds Opacity

Opacity is just a fancy word used in the window covering business to describe the different amount of light that comes through a blind or shade. Sometimes the choices can be confusing but don’t worry, they really aren’t! In this article I will discuss the different window treatment opacities available and when they make the most sense for you and your family!

Safety First! Blind Cord Safety

Blind Cord Safety

Blind cord safety is a huge concern in the custom window covering industry right now. It is also a huge concern for us at We absolutely love selling quality blinds and shades to you, but there is no window covering anywhere worth the safety of your children or pets.