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By Best Price Blinds, Published 06/09/2015

When it comes to blinds control options for window treatments, the choices can be confusing. In this article, I am going to break down your choices and hopefully make it easier for you to choose the right one for you and your family.

Cordless – All of our products have a cordless option. Anytime small children or pets are in the equation, cordless is the first recommendation we make to our customers. Cordless doesn’t actually mean there are no cords involved in the manufacturing process (almost all blinds and shades have to have internal cords), it just means there are no cords necessary to operate the shade. With a cordless product, there are no worries that small children or pets will get caught in the control cords, which can be very dangerous.

The only negative side to cordless, is you have to be able to reach the entire distance the shade travels. If you have high windows or hard to reach places (think over a kitchen sink), cordless may not be the best option. If you cannot stand comfortably and reach the top of the window then a cordless product will not be able to fully open without an operating pole or step stool. We do offer cordless operating poles, which can help increase your reach.

Cord or Chain Loop – This option can be the best for really tall windows or hard to reach windows. With a cord or chain loop, the shade functions like a traditional drapery. By pulling down on one side of the loop, the shade will close. Pull on the other side and it opens. Since it is a loop, the cord never gets longer or shorter. Cord Loops are not the safest option for little kids or pets, so be aware of that when ordering, but a cord or chain loop can be just the right answer for that really tall or hard to reach window!

SmartRelease – SmartRelease™ is a patented technology for a chain or cord loop as above. With SmartRelease, the shade operates just like a normal chain or cord loop, except to lower the shade, you just give a gentle tug. Once you tug the cord or chain down, a spring system slowly lowers the shade to its bottom limit. To raise the shade, pull down on the cord or chain and normal. SmartRelease is a great option to add if you want the convenience of a self-lowering product and it definitely has a “wow factor” as well!

Traditional Corded – A traditional lift cord is just that. A cord that you pull down on to raise, pull to the side and control to gently lower. This option, while not fancy, is a time-proven system that has been used in the blind industry for many years. Normally there is no surcharge for this option (so it may be the most economical) and it may be just what you need for the simple operation of your shades. Just remember we never recommend corded for a window that small kids or pets can reach.

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