Installing new window treatments is one of the easiest home improvement projects for a homeowner to complete. Replacing old window coverings with new, modern designs, has an immediate impact on your home and adds a finished look and personality that almost no other project can. The best part is that anyone with a few simple tools can end up with a professional outcome! Let’s talk about your new blinds or shades…

Norman Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Shades

One of the most versatile shades on the market is the Honeycomb Shade. Available in a wide variety of colors and opacity, honeycomb shades are a great option for any window in the house. They are especially popular in bedrooms and bathrooms, because they are available with a top down / bottom up feature. This allows you to have privacy, but still allow natural light in the top of the window. Honeycombs also have an inherent insulating property, due to the way they are made. Adding a honeycomb shade to a window that is drafty in the winter or gets severe sun exposure in the summer time can make a huge difference in making your home energy efficient.