Cellular Shades – Bringing Modern Style to Your Home

So you need window coverings, but you don’t want old draperies or shutters like your grandma had, Mini-blinds are so 1990 and literally everyone on your block has wood or faux wood blinds right? Well, what if there was an innovative product, which can bring style to your room, the function of a modern window shade, all with sleek clean lines? This product exists and it is the Cellular Shade! Come on, let’s talk all about why you need Cellular Shades in your home.

What Are Cellular Shades?

Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades are fabric shades, which are shaped so they are made up of cells or pockets. These cells give the shade their name and also influence their function. Their design allows cellular shades to cover very large windows, while also closing in minimal space. This makes cellular shades a very low profile, modern choice, to treat any window.

cordless cellular shade

Why Do I Want Cellular Shades?

Modern Options meet Timeless Style

Cellular Shades match the beautiful softness of fabrics with all the modern options available today in blinds and shades. Fabric choices include sheer, woven, light filtering, and room darkening options to fit any space or design. This makes them the most versatile product on the market today, perfect for living areas, bedrooms, media rooms, offices, and bathrooms.

Cordless Operation – Safe for Children and Pets

Cellular Shades come in cordless versions, which are easier to operate and cleaner to install, and safer for our children and pets. Today, almost every type of blind and shade has cordless options, but no product offers cordless functionality better than cellular shades. Our Norman Portrait shades utilize a patented cordless operation, which does not require pushing any buttons. Simply lift and lower the shade to the desired height and it will stay put. It is truly window fashion at its simplest.

Insulating Properties – Help With Heat/Cold

These shades are the absolute best window covering on the market for dealing with excessive heat or cold in a window. Whether you have a window that is pummeled by the sun or a drafty, leaky window that is cold in the winter, cellular shades can help control a comfortable temperature in your home.

The cellular design actually traps air, causing an insulating effect in your window. The ability of this product to keep out heat and cold really has to be seen to be believed. If you have a south-facing window that is hot, or a drafty window that is cold in the winter, or a skylight that turns your space into an oven, you need a cellular shade!


skylight cellular shade

Top Down – Bottom Up Functionality

If you are looking for the ability to enjoy an amazing view, but still desire privacy, look no further than a top down – bottom up cellular shade. When this type of operation is chosen, it is possible for the shade to provide privacy towards the bottom of a window, such as over a bath tub or in a bedroom, but still allow an unobstructed view through the top of a window. This type of functionality is a real game changer and is only available in this type of shade.

top down cellular shade

Single or Double Cell Option

If R-value or insulation is a big concern, you also have the choice of single or double cell shades. Double Cell shades are just that, they are built with double the air capturing cells, which increase it’s ability to insulate your window from light, heat, cold and even sound. If you live near a busy street or highway, the addition of double cell shades can help limit the amount of ambient noise that can be heard in your home.

In the same way, double cell designs help with noise, they also can greatly reduce the amount of heat or cold that penetrates your window. If you want to manage light and temperature in a room, such as a media room or bedroom, double cell-room darkening shades cannot be beaten!

Double Cell - Cellular Shade

FAQ’s About Cellular Shades

Q – Can I clean cellular shades?

A- Absolutely, cellular shades are designed to be cleaned easily. Follow manufacturer recommendations, but a soft dusting brush on a vacuum cleaner is normally all you need. If you are concerned about stains, you can also purchase ScotchGuard (c) protection on most products.

Q – Can you see through cellular shades at night?

A – No, our cellular shades provide privacy, as long as you choose either light filtering or room darkening fabrics. There are some sheer fabrics available that would pose an issue at night, but otherwise, these shades are a great choice when privacy is a top priority!

Q – Are cellular shades energy efficient?

A – YES! If energy efficiency is your concern, cellular shades are the best product on the market to cover your windows. Not only do they insulate against heat and cold, but they also help limit noise.

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