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How Well Do Cordless Window Blinds Work?

One of the first major decisions people have to make when it comes to buying window blinds is whether to choose cordless options. While blinds have typically had control cords, cordless blinds and shades are quickly overtaking the market due to their safety and clean design. We offer every blind/shade we sell in a cordless version, so let’s discuss how well they work and if they are the correct choice for you!

Durability –

Cordless window blind options are actually more durable, generally, than corded versions. The reason for this, is there are no cords to get tangled, fray, or break. All of the mechanical parts of the blind/shade are protected inside the headrail or blind. This becomes especially true when there are pets in the house that love to tug on and chew cords!

Design –

Possibly the most common feedback we get from customers that buy cordless window blinds/shades is “they look so clean!” We agree, there is no cleaner installation of blinds or shades than a cordless version. With no cords hanging down, or cord loops that need to be mounted to the wall, the blind can be the star of your window. If your situation allows for a cordless option, we highly recommend it!

Cordless Honeycomb Shades

When You Should Choose Cordless Window Blinds?

While the cordless vs. corded blinds decision is ultimately a personal choice, there are some situations where cordless blinds are a must. Below are some examples of times we believe you should ALWAYS choose a cordless option.

You Have Kids Or Pets In Your Home

So this is a safety consideration, in addition to any design concerns. It is a sad fact that pets and children die every year due to strangulation in the home. Sometimes this includes getting caught in blind or shade cords. It is not a fun topic to discuss, but necessary none the less. If you have small children or pets in your home, you should be purchasing cordless window blinds for every window that is accessible to them.

Cord safety has been a big topic of discussion in the window covering world recently, and we have made HUGE strides towards safety. This is a good thing, as manufacturers are now making their products feature cordless options that are still style conscious! Norman Window Fashions, our supplier, has worked diligently with the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) and the Window Covering Safety Council to push for tougher manufacturing standards.

Certified Best for Kids blinds program

As of December 2018, they were successful in implementing the ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2018 standard industry-wide. This requires that more than 80% of all window coverings sold in the US are now cordless. They also developed the Certified Best for Kids program, which Norman participates in. This program makes it easy for any parent to know if a window covering product is safe. If you see the Best for Kids seal, you can be certain the product meets all the above ANSI standards!

At, we are proud to offer Faux Wood Blinds, Honeycomb Shades, and Roller Shades in a “Best for Kids” certified cordless version!

Faux Wood Blinds

Roller Shades

Honeycomb Shades

You Want to Make Your Windows The Star

Anytime you want to make the windows of your house the focal point, cordless window blinds/shades are a perfect option. Since they don’t have control cords, they are a much cleaner installation. This allows for your windows to be the star and your window coverings to merely be a functional accent.

Cordless window blinds/shades are a great option anytime, but especially in any minimalist motif or modern design. Some ideas that come to mind are minimalist urban lofts or modern open concept houses with clean lines. Office Spaces are another great example of where cordless products really shine.

Cordless Soluna Roller Shades

Ease of Use

Whether you just prefer an easier operating blind/shade, or you have some type of dexterity concern, cordless window blinds are easier to operate than corded versions. Since, in most cases, you simply adjust the blinds up/down by hand, it can be much easier for elderly customers or people with arthritis issues in their hands. Manipulating small cords can be a problem for many people, and cordless lift options eliminate this.

With cordless options becoming much more popular, the price is dropping as well. We feel so strongly about this, we are happy to offer cordless options on our products at No Additional Charge!

When Are Cordless Window Blinds Not the Right Choice?

So there are always two sides to a topic, and this conversation is no different. While we generally prefer cordless over corded in most situations, corded blinds certainly have their place. Below we will discuss some of the times you may wish to opt for a corded lift system.

Very Tall Windows

Tall Windows Norman Soluna Roller Shades

If the top of your windows is very high, like a floor to ceiling window for instance, a corded option may be better. One draw back to cordless blinds/shades is you pretty much have to be able to reach them. Since cordless lift systems are dependent on you moving the blinds/shade up or down by hand, you have to be able to reach the top of the window. If the top of the window is very high, a cord option will allow customers to fully operate the blind/shade from a normal standing position.

*extension poles are available to allow a cordless installation in a high window

Extremely Wide Windows

Wide Windows Norman Soluna Roller Shades

Due to manufacturing constraints, generally cordless options are only available up to 96″ wide. Some of our roller shades and honeycomb shades can go as wide as 136″, but in all cases, these require a corded lift system. The reason for this is the cordless lift system can only handle so much weight. So if you have extremely wide windows, a corded option may be the only choice available if you want to cover the window in a single blind/shade.

Windows That Are Behind Furniture or Difficult to Access

Window Behind Couch

Anytime windows are behind furniture, such as a couch, a cord lift can make it more accessible. By allowing the customer to stand on one side and operate the entire shade from a single point, a corded option may be more desirable. Since our products are custom built, you can also select either a left or right control, based upon your room layout.

Cordless vs. Corded Window Blind Choices

The most important idea we want to get across is that it is important you, as the customer, have choices. While we clearly favor cordless window blind/shade options, they are not always the right fit. We hope that you fully understand the pros and cons of each choice and can make the right decision for your space. After all, the most important part of choosing custom blinds/shades is that they perfectly fit your needs and your space!

Thank you for taking the time to read our article. If you have any further questions, we would love to help. We are proud to offer US based customer service. When you call you will reach a window covering professional who has actually installed blinds and can fully walk you through any window or installation scenario. Feel free to give us a call or email us, we would love to help you change your view!

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