Installing blinds is a great way to instantly improve your home decor. Blinds and shades are often overlooked, but their ability to completely transform a room or space in your home is something you have to see to believe. You can always pay a professional, but buying and installing blinds is a fairly simple project that almost anyone with basic tools can do. In this article, I will explain how to install blinds in just 5 easy steps. Come on, I will show you how…

How To Install Blinds – Step 1

Choose Inside or Outside Mount

The first thing we need to know is, whether we will install the blinds inside or outside the window frame or sill. If you have windows with at least 2 inches of clearance in the sill, I would recommend you use an inside mount blind or shade. If you do not have the clearance, or there is another factor that limits the ability to mount the blind inside the window sill (like it’s a window on a door), utilize an outside mount. Once we have determined this, it is time to move to step 2.

How To Install Blinds – Step 2

Measure Windows and Buy Your Blinds

Based upon our choice above, we now have to measure our windows. To measure your windows like a pro, you will need three things:

How To Install Blinds - Measure Tools Needed

When you are done measuring, head over to for the best price on custom window blinds and shades for your home!

How To Install Blinds – Step 3

Open the Package

Once you receive your custom blinds or shades, the next step is to open the box and take an inventory. Make sure you locate the instructions and the brackets and screws. Depending on the exact shade, there may be other associated parts, such as hold downs, valance clips, or control wands. Make sure you have some space, such as a large table or even your living room floor, so you can spread everything out and organize it. I recommend you only open one box at a time, so you don’t mix up any pieces or parts.

How To Install Blinds – Step 4

Measure and Install the Brackets

Alright, we are ready to install your blinds! Depending upon the width of your blind or shade, the factory will have already calculated how many brackets are required, which is how many will be inside the box.

How To Install Blinds – Step 5

Install Your Blinds or Shades

We are at the last step of How to Install Blinds! This is probably the easiest step but will vary by the type of blind or shade you ordered.

Norman Portrait Honeycomb Shade
Attaching shade to brackets

How To Install Blinds – Bonus Step

Enjoy Your New Blinds!

Ok, so this is actually the easiest, and most fun, step. Once you have installed your new blind or shade, step back and admire your work. Not only have you transformed your space, but you have privacy, your window is more functional, and you saved a TON of money! Congratulations, you are now an honorary professional blinds installer!

Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Shade
Norman Portrait Honeycomb Shade Installed in Window

Need Help?

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