Yes, You Can Measure Blinds Just as Accurately as a Professional – Here’s How

Should you leave custom window coverings to a professional? Well, I happen to be one and I am about to give you all of our secrets. I’m going to share how to measure blinds like a pro, so you get the same professional look at almost half the cost… Shhhh don’t tell anyone!

First, a little pep talk. I have been installing custom window coverings since I was 12 years old with my dad. Measuring and Installing blinds and shades may seem daunting, but I assure you, it is not rocket science. If you have basic tools and a positive mindset, anyone can measure and install their own custom window coverings, I promise…

What you will need:

How To Measure Blinds

How to Measure Blinds:

  1. Look at the windows in question and decide if you are going to mount the blinds or shades “Inside Mount” or “Outside Mount”
  2. Take 3 width measurements and 3 height measurements for each window (see diagrams)

Inside Mount – round the width of your narrowest measurement down to the nearest 1/8” and the height of the longest measurement up to the nearest 1/8”

Example: Width measurements from above are 23 3/4”, 23 5/8”, and 23 9/16”. 23 9/16” is the narrowest, but we need to round down to 23 1/2″. So we will order 23 1/2″ width.

Height measurements from above are 48 1/2″, 48 1/2”, and 48 5/8”. 48 5/8” is the longest measurement, and does not need rounded to a 1/8” so we will order 48 5/8” length.

Outside Mount – round both the widest width measurement and the longest height measurement up to the nearest 1/8”

Make sure to add at least 2” to each side and 3” to the height of the window opening for proper light control and privacy. Also check for obstructions, such as light switches and outlets when measuring for an Outside Mount blind or shade.

Example: Width measurements from above are 34 1/2”, 34 11/16”, and 34 9/16”. 34 11/16” is the widest, but we need to round up to 34 3/4″. So we will order 34 3/4″ width.

Height measurements from above are 48 1/2″, 48 1/2”, and 48 15/16”. 48 15/16” is the longest measurement, but we need to round up to the nearest 1/8” so we will order 49” length.

A word about Inside Mount vs. Outside Mount

Any time your windows have a sill that will allow for an inside mount, do this. That is always my recommendation. It’s not that an outside mount is bad, it is just that any blind or shade mounted inside will be a cleaner install and is generally the preferable choice. If your sills do not allow this, or there are other obstacles such as window cranks, go with the outside mount option. When inspecting your windows, remember to take a second to look at any issues that may interfere with your new blinds or shades. Look for sill depth, window cranks and locks, tilt in windows, light switches, etc…

So that’s it! Now that you know how to measure blinds, you will get a perfect measure every time! Take your time. Make sure you really take three measurements for every window (you won’t believe how much a window frame can change from top to bottom) and be sure to record everything on your measure form.

We want your order from to fit perfectly the first time! If you get confused or just have a question, don’t ever hesitate to call us at 800-313-0614. We are always happy to help you out. And don’t forget, even if you make a mistake, our BlindFIT Guarantee has your back. So here’s to beautiful window coverings, installed by you, that could fool even a professional!

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