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Best Price Guarantee

At Best Price Blinds, we take our prices seriously. We always strive to have the lowest price available anywhere on the items we sell. Some retailers only guarantee their own sale prices, but we guarantee your price against everyone’s sale prices! Our policy is simple, if you find the same blind or shade from another retailer for a lower price, we will not only match it but will take an additional 5% off.

  • Guarantee only applies to the exact same blind or shade, with the exact same specifications
  • Best Price Guarantee only applies for 30-days from the date of purchase
  • A retailer is defined as any online store, catalog, department store or home center which routinely carries and sells new window coverings
  • reserves the right to determine the legitimacy of a competitors’ price
  • Commercial orders are not included in the guarantee
  • Any price below’s actual cost will not be honored

If you purchased a blind or shade from and found a lower price from another competitor, call us within 30-days to have your account credited with a refund.