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Installing new window treatments is one of the easiest home improvement projects for a homeowner to complete. Replacing old window coverings with new, modern designs, has an immediate impact on your home and adds a finished look and personality that almost no other project can. The best part is that anyone with a few simple tools can end up with a professional outcome! Let’s talk about your new blinds or shades…

Aluminum Blinds

One of the most durable and cost-effective options for covering windows is our aluminum blinds. Aluminum blinds include a timeless style, the ability to tilt the slats open or closed for privacy and light control, and a variety of colors to match any décor. Aluminum blinds are easy to clean, with a non-porous, durable, 100% aluminum slat construction. Aluminum blinds are perfect for commercial applications, offices, or living spaces where durability and functionality are desired.

  • Single Lift Cord Operation for safety
  • High Quality Steel Headrail and Bottom Rail for durability
  • Advanced Finish Technology provides a smooth, rigid, and less porous surface, resulting
    in a finish that is easier to clean and is anti-static, so they naturally repel dust
  • Integrated valance free headrail design, for easy installation and a contemporary look
  • 100% Aluminum Slats
  • Instalock™ smooth tilting mechanism ensures years of trouble-free use and tight closure

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